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Tim and Sam’s 2009

December 18, 2009
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It’s time for another of our end of year round-ups.  Here we go:

Jan – We spent most of January preparing for the re-release of our Put Your Slippers On EP. This included getting some more CDs pressed and meeting with PR companies.

Feb – We started our residency at The Big Chill House in London. We did a gig every fortnight for 2 months, inviting some of our favourite bands to come and supprt us. In between that we were touring lots.

Mar – This was a good month. We started working on converting my upstairs into a studio/ rehersal space. We also finished our residencies and had the song Put Your Slippers On on a Channel 4 comedy called Free Agents.

Apr – Touring for the Slippers EP re-release.  In between this we did a radio session for John Kennedy’s XFM show and did a remix for The Answering Machine. You can listen to it here –

May – More touring, including a slot at Liverpool Sound City Festival. We also went down to Newport to hand print some vinyl packaging in preparation for our single.

Jun – Released out first single! Our 7″ came out on Static Caravan with 21st June. It was limited to 500 copies and has now sold out. We had a big launch party at The Deaf Institute in Manchester.

Jul – We spent most of July rehearsing with our new drummer Jamie, who joined after Fordy left to go back to university. In between this we were in the studio working on the album.

Aug – In the studio again. Lonnggg hours!

Sept – More studio. Also went on an amazing trip to Scotland to play some great gigs in Aberdeen, Fife and Stirling.

Oct – More studio! We also went to record a session for Bethan Elfyn’s Radio One show. In between this we played at Swn festival and In the City. Lots of fun.

Nov – Our last bit of touring for the year, doing some dates with The Momeraths and playing some material from the album.

Dec – Finished the album!

2009 has felt like a coming of age year for the band. We’ve had lots of ups and downs, but are ultimately much better because of it. Our live set is now a well oiled machine, and we’ve finished our album (our biggest achievement so far).  We’re very much looking forward to releasing the record and working on new material.

T&S gigs of the year (we’ve had lots of great ones, this is a select few chosen by me):

London Residencies – We really enjoyed being able to choose our own support acts. Something we’d definitely like to do more of!

Apr 2nd – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh – We were totally out of our comfort zone for this. We played a club night at 1 am, which was not something we ever thought we’d do! But it was great. Highlight of the PYSO re-release tour.

May 26th – Borderline, Manchester – it’s not every day you get to play with one of your favourite bands is it? Sadly we were a band member down because Becca had exams, but we still really enjoyed ourselves.

Jun 17th – The Lexington, London – our single launch in London.  Great venue.

Jun 21st – The Deaf Institute, Manchester – putting gigs on yourself is a very stressful experience, especially when students aren’t around. Thankfully though, we just about broke even. It was truely heartwarming to see so many people there. A great night we’ll always remember.

Aug 14 – Cha Cha Cha, Watford – A busy tea room in the middle of a park. What more could we want? Lovely evening and lovely promoters.

Sep Scotland tour – All three gigs were amazing. Aberdeen, Lathones and Stirling.

Oct 06 – Oporto, Leeds – Lots of fun. Our best ever Leeds gig.

Oct 24 – Swn Festival – We love Cardiff

Dec 3 – Barfly, London – One of the biggest crowds we’ve ever played to. Great way to end the year.

Finally we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s helped us in any way this year. Particularly Tom, Sarah, Marc, Geoff, John Kennedy, Bethan Elfyn, Tom Robinson, Adam Walton and all of the promoters who’ve put us on. See you next year, hopefully with an album in our hands!

Merry Christmas,

Tim and Sam x

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