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Remix Swap

August 13, 2010


We’ve been very busy behind the scenes recently. Rehearsing, writing, recording, organising tour dates (TBA soon!) and remixing. We teamed up with a great post-punk band called Foreign Office to do a remix swap. They took our song Finders Keepers and we did a remix/ rework of their song Leaving the House. For a free download of both songs click below:

Thank you to Snipe for hosting the tracks. Enjoy!

Tim and Sam x



May 4, 2010

Life Stream is finally out today! Treat yourself here:

Or if downloading is your bag, you can now get it on all the usual download sites and through our Bandcamp:

The LP is also available in the following independent shops across the length and breadth of the country:
Manchester – Piccadilly
London – Rough Trade
Cardiff – Spillers
Brighton – Resident
Edinburgh – Avalanche
Leeds – Jumbo
Kingston – Banquet Records
Preston – Action Records

Life Stream tour dates:

We had our first show playing new tracks from the album at Hey! Manchester’s event at Sounds From The Other City. So far, we’ve received some fantastic feedback, so we are extremely excited about going on tour with a new repertoire. Please see below for tour dates:

Wed 12 May – Bristol, Mother’s Ruin
Thu 13 May – London, Kings Cross Social Club (FREE ENTRY)
Fri 14 May – The Great Escape, Latest Music Bar (afternoon) (FREE ENTRY)
Sat 15 May – Northampton, The Labour Club
Wed 19 May – Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Morgan Lloyd
Thu 20 May – Aberdeen, The Tunnels
Fri 21 May – Berwick,The Barrels Alehouse
Sun 23 May – Nottingham, Spanky Van Dykes
Tue 25 May – Southampton, Hamptons
Wed 26 May – Bath, Moles
Thu 27 May – Winchester, The Railway
Fri 28 May – York, Stereo
Sat 29 May – Anglesey, The Trip Festival

Media Coverage:

We are benefiting from a fair amount of coverage across all media platforms at the moment, we would like to thank everyone that’s supported the album to date across the web, press & radio. It’s amazing that we’ve had such positive feedback and it’s hugely uplifting.

Marc Riley has asked us in for a radio session on May 10th, so please tune in!

Here’s what people have been saying so far:

WORD Magazine: “A terrific LP full of incidental music for soothing the savage breast and making you look forward to summer. If you don’t like this record, well, get over yourself.”

Adam Walton, BBC Wales Music Blog: “Breathtaking in a most unshowy way. Life Stream is as accomplished, thoughtful and lovingly-crafted as any album will hear this year. Essential listening.”

Bethan Elfyn: “Absolute soaring loveliness. A highly anticipated album.”

Gideon Coe, 6Music: “Very, very, very ,very good. A splendid piece of work.”

Marc Riley. 6Music: Absolutely beautiful.”

AbsolutePunk: “Easily one of the best and most beautiful instrumental folk-rock albums that you will probably come across – it’s simply lovely. Whether you check it out because of their name, or because you like the genre, this is an album that you should not miss out on.”

That’s all for now, but we hope to see you at a show at some point in May.

B-Side Recording

April 2, 2010


Over the past few weeks we’ve been preparing the release of our debut album Life Stream. This includes things like sorting out press, radio pluggers, tours, music videos and launch parties. In amongst all of that, we’ve been recording a b-side to go with the first single Finders Keepers, to be released June 14th.

We’ve been recording it in our drummer Jamie’s lovely new analogue studio:

First we had to spend a bit of time working on a guide track because the song has the odd extra bar and speeds up. After we’d done that Jamie working his magic on the drums:

Then Ad came in to do bass:

The following day it was time for me to do my shredding:

Then I did some vocals:

Sadly we forgot to take photos of the other exciting things like Harmonium, Ukulele, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel and Electric Piano. I think we got too carried away with experimental mic techniques. Sorry.

The following day Becca came up to do tinkle the ivories:

And add some vocals:

And we’re done! Tracklaying is all finished, now we just have to mix and master it. Next up, Jamie is remixing Finders Keepers and we’re heading back into the studio where we recording Life Stream to make a radio edit. We’re also rehearsing lots ahead of our tour in May.

Thanks for reading. And don’t forget you can pre-order the album here:

Tim and Sam x


March 2, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates, we’ve been busy bees preparing for our album release.  Just a quick note to say that we did a live session for BBC Wales as part of their Welsh Music Day yesterday. They asked us to play two of our own pieces and a cover of a famous Welsh song. We asked the lovely people of Twitter, Myspace and Facebook for recommendations and eventually whittled it down to Super Furry Animals – Fire in My Heart. You can hear the result here:

Skip to 30 mins in. We’re off to the studio tomorrow to record the cover to use as a b-side for the first single to come from the album. Exciting! We’ll take some photos and post them up here.

The album should be up for pre-order by the end of the week. Keep your eyes peeled!

Tim and Sam x

Free song!

December 22, 2009


A little Christmas/ New Year treat for you all. Follow the link to download a brand new song!

I recorded this by myself in my home studio, using two guitars. Enjoy!
Tim and Sam x

P.S If you like it please spread the word!

Tim and Sam’s 2009

December 18, 2009
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It’s time for another of our end of year round-ups.  Here we go:

Jan – We spent most of January preparing for the re-release of our Put Your Slippers On EP. This included getting some more CDs pressed and meeting with PR companies.

Feb – We started our residency at The Big Chill House in London. We did a gig every fortnight for 2 months, inviting some of our favourite bands to come and supprt us. In between that we were touring lots.

Mar – This was a good month. We started working on converting my upstairs into a studio/ rehersal space. We also finished our residencies and had the song Put Your Slippers On on a Channel 4 comedy called Free Agents.

Apr – Touring for the Slippers EP re-release.  In between this we did a radio session for John Kennedy’s XFM show and did a remix for The Answering Machine. You can listen to it here –

May – More touring, including a slot at Liverpool Sound City Festival. We also went down to Newport to hand print some vinyl packaging in preparation for our single.

Jun – Released out first single! Our 7″ came out on Static Caravan with 21st June. It was limited to 500 copies and has now sold out. We had a big launch party at The Deaf Institute in Manchester.

Jul – We spent most of July rehearsing with our new drummer Jamie, who joined after Fordy left to go back to university. In between this we were in the studio working on the album.

Aug – In the studio again. Lonnggg hours!

Sept – More studio. Also went on an amazing trip to Scotland to play some great gigs in Aberdeen, Fife and Stirling.

Oct – More studio! We also went to record a session for Bethan Elfyn’s Radio One show. In between this we played at Swn festival and In the City. Lots of fun.

Nov – Our last bit of touring for the year, doing some dates with The Momeraths and playing some material from the album.

Dec – Finished the album!

2009 has felt like a coming of age year for the band. We’ve had lots of ups and downs, but are ultimately much better because of it. Our live set is now a well oiled machine, and we’ve finished our album (our biggest achievement so far).  We’re very much looking forward to releasing the record and working on new material.

T&S gigs of the year (we’ve had lots of great ones, this is a select few chosen by me):

London Residencies – We really enjoyed being able to choose our own support acts. Something we’d definitely like to do more of!

Apr 2nd – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh – We were totally out of our comfort zone for this. We played a club night at 1 am, which was not something we ever thought we’d do! But it was great. Highlight of the PYSO re-release tour.

May 26th – Borderline, Manchester – it’s not every day you get to play with one of your favourite bands is it? Sadly we were a band member down because Becca had exams, but we still really enjoyed ourselves.

Jun 17th – The Lexington, London – our single launch in London.  Great venue.

Jun 21st – The Deaf Institute, Manchester – putting gigs on yourself is a very stressful experience, especially when students aren’t around. Thankfully though, we just about broke even. It was truely heartwarming to see so many people there. A great night we’ll always remember.

Aug 14 – Cha Cha Cha, Watford – A busy tea room in the middle of a park. What more could we want? Lovely evening and lovely promoters.

Sep Scotland tour – All three gigs were amazing. Aberdeen, Lathones and Stirling.

Oct 06 – Oporto, Leeds – Lots of fun. Our best ever Leeds gig.

Oct 24 – Swn Festival – We love Cardiff

Dec 3 – Barfly, London – One of the biggest crowds we’ve ever played to. Great way to end the year.

Finally we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s helped us in any way this year. Particularly Tom, Sarah, Marc, Geoff, John Kennedy, Bethan Elfyn, Tom Robinson, Adam Walton and all of the promoters who’ve put us on. See you next year, hopefully with an album in our hands!

Merry Christmas,

Tim and Sam x

Life Stream

December 12, 2009

Last week we got our first test master copy of our album. After some 20 months of hard work, we’re finally coming to the end.

When we headed into the studio in March 2008 we were excepting to have the recording wrapped up within a couple of months, and we were hoping to have it released by September that year. Sure enough, we did make quick progress; most of the initial track laying was done by June and we had something resembling a finished record by August.

We originally went into the studio with 18 songs – the idea being that as we went along some songs would fall by the wayside and we’d have a couple of back up songs for b-sides. The plan soon changed, because we ended up finishing all 18 songs and we wanted them all to be heard.

So, we  decided to put seven of the older songs we recorded on the ‘Put Your Slippers On’ EP, which we self released in November 2008. We’ve been truly overwhelmed by its response – we even had to get extra copies pressed because it’s done far better than we ever expected.

Touring to promote the EP, as well as the subsequent ‘Summer Solstice’ single meant that our record was left sitting there for too long. Eventually we felt that it no longer represented where we are as a band; we’d moved on simply through constant touring and playing together. So we decided to head into the studio again to make some alterations, bringing the album back to life.

This opened a can of worms. We re-recorded some tracks, completely changed others and even ended up re-tracking all of the percussion with our new drummer Jamie (Fordy had left to go to university, and Jamie brought a totally new dynamic to the songs). We’d work with our producer Marc from 10 in the morning until 10 at night for weeks on end. Sometimes we’d come back from playing a show in London at 5 in the morning only to be up soon after for a 12 hour day.

Then came our biggest task so far: vocals. As you know, we’ve always been an instrumental band. This was never a conscious decision – the band just grew that way, but vocals have been something we’d wanted to try for a long time.  We set about trying to get guest vocals on 4 or 5 of the album tracks, keeping the rest instrumental. The initial response was great – we got some truly amazing singers interested, and all of the musicians we spoke to were very enthusiastic.

Pinning down everyone proved to be massively difficult, however. Understandably, most of them were so busy with their own music we were never be able to get enough tracks finished to make the idea work. After months of trying we had to abandon the plans.

This meant we had an album that we were musically very proud of that still wasn’t finished, despite all of the time we’d spent on it. It almost looked like we’d have to shelve the album completely, or condense it to yet another EP. This was the last thing we wanted to do after putting so much work in to achieve our dream. We felt we didn’t have much choice other than to jump in at the deep end and do the vocals ourselves.

Never having really done any singing before, this has been a big challenge for us. We wanted to be very careful not to overshadow the music, ideally making our voices blend in like another instrument. Slowly but surely, we pinned down vocals for 5 tracks, keeping the other 6 instrumental.

Then came the mixing. If you’ve heard the EP, you’ll know that we love experimenting with instrumentation. Some tracks on the album are similar to the way we play them live (with 5 or 6 instruments), but others have nearly 200 tracks of audio on them. As you can imagine, mixing has been quite a task! It took a long time to get it just right.

Finally, we’ve done it. And it feels great. But whilst we are massively proud of what we have achieved, there are obviously lots of nerves bubbling underneath, and we’re continually asking ourselves questions. Will our fans like our new direction? Will people like the tracks with singing on? Will we be able to do it all live?

What we do know, though, is that we have a finished album, and we can safely say we’ve put our hearts and souls into it. We’re really proud that we overcame all of the obstacles that got in our way.  It’s easily been the biggest and hardest project I’ve ever been involved in and it’s a great achievement that it’s done. We think it’s a coherent, beautiful album that really represents where we are and what we’re about. We hope you’ll agree. Life Stream.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be having the CDs and Vinyl pressed and getting the ball rolling with its release. Fingers crossed, it’ll be out in the spring. More details very soon.

Tim and Sam x